My forte is product photography. I have photographed packaging for Bausch & Lomb and car-sized blood analyzers for Johnson & Johnson. For Xerox I have built complicated environments for copiers, small table top worlds for Ray Ban Sunglasses and elegant food shots for French's. I am currently working for Charles & Colvard in North Carolina. My mission, to develop their in house photographic capabilities in support of Charles & Colvardand moissanite.com

When I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, I elected to remain in Rochester, NY. I could see that a photographer in Rochester was called on to shoot a wide variety of subjects and that challenge motivated me. Consequently, in addition to product photography, I have shot boards of directors of Fortune 100 companies, call center personnel and delivery drivers on the crowded streets of Manhattan, open-heart surgeries and vinyl siding. 

I am proud that I bring the same passion and attention to detail for a box on a white sweep as an elaborate production with sets and models.

The majority of my photography was created in a team environment working with talented creative & art directors, designers, stylists and production crews. But I also have the clients at the opposite end of the spectrum, they send me a product and simply say … make it look great, and I deliver. 

Through all of this the main tool I use to create an image - light - has not changed. And my talent at using light to communicate the message of the visual has become very refined. Whether a hot light, strobe or daylight, I am a skilled craftsman when it comes to using and manipulating light. No matter the task, I feel it is my skill with light and attention to detail that have served me and my clients well during the course of my career.